Managed Services

Stafforward can support your MSP program needs. Our goal is to allow you to outsource and consolidate day-to-day activities associated with the management of contingent labor to a single dedicated team. This team can be co-located on site and provides one point of contact for all aspects of the program. Typical activities include:

  • Assist with the creation of job postings.
  • Communicate with suppliers to ensure program or SLA requirements are met.
  • Manage candidate submissions and organize candidates.
  • Ensure time and expense sheets are approved in a timely manner.
  • Manage invoicing processes.
  • Track data on program performance.
  • Create job posting templates to standardize job titles and descriptions across the enterprise.

Typically, Stafforward’s Managed Service Provider Program generates four results:

Reduce Cost:

  • Introducing competition among suppliers reduces costs by as much as 20-30%.
  • Bringing all departments and spending into a single program allows for elimination of “off-contract” spending.
  • MSP programs create additional savings by maximizing the use of approved vendors to take advantage of any volume discounts available.

Improve Efficiency:

  • MSP workflows streamline the hiring process, reducing the time it takes to fill open positions.
  • Consolidated invoicing provides a single information flow, simplifying audit trails and eliminating reconciliation issues.
  • The MSP process allows you to receive one invoice and write one check, further simplifying the A/P process.
  • Simplify the process for your suppliers to access positions and submit candidates.
  • On boarding processes are standardized and centralized, ensuring all employees go through the same background check and drug screening processes.

Increase Compliance:

  • Track program objectives such as diversity, hub zone and small business spend initiatives.
  • Ensure the use of approved suppliers to reduce risk and eliminate off-contract activities.

Measure Performance:

  • Fulfillment– submittals against open requisitions
  • Quality of Service- number of candidates accepted and duration of service
  • Response Time- how quickly candidates are submitted and positions filled

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