Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Stafforward is a Black-owned company with a spirit of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. This has been a part of our DNA from the beginning. It starts with our diverse leadership team, flows into our recruiting & professional development processes, and continues through our own supplier Diversity Impact Sourcing Program, which ensures that our suppliers share our commitment to diversity.


Stafforward recognizes the debt we owe our veterans for their service, and the incredible amount of skill and discipline they bring to the table as employees. We have won a number of awards for our work supporting veterans, veterans organizations, and for employing them in our company.


Stafforward is committed to equality regardless of gender identity. More than 50% of our employees identify as female, including half of our leadership team. Compare that to the IT industry at large, where only a quarter of jobs go to women. BCforward  cultivates a culture of supporting and listening to women at every level of our business.


One in four adult Americans live with a disability, but in 2020, fewer than 18% of them were able to find work. Stafforward has a firm commitment to giving opportunities to everyone, regardless of disability, and making reasonable accommodations to make sure everyone gets a seat at the table.

Racial & Ethnic Minorities

As a Black-owned business, Stafforward knows that race and ethnicity are too often an obstacle to opportunity. We are committed to bringing in talented people and embracing their unique perspectives. More than half of Stafforward's workforce is made up of ethnic or racial minorities.

Diversity Impact Sourcing Program

Not only is Stafforward a minority-owned business, we believe in supporting other diverse businesses as well. Our Diversity Impact Sourcing Program helps our clients develop an environment of inclusion that leads to higher morale and increased productivity and retention. We recruit qualified talent with diverse backgrounds to ensure you meet your diversity goals.

The Justin and Darrianne Christian Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are a key part of Stafforward's business model, but we want to bring it to the wider world. That's why our founder & CEO, Justin Christian, and his wife Darrianne Christian founded the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at DePauw University. The CDI offers cultural programming and services for students of color and international students; supports student identity-affinity organizations; advocates for social justice; and assists in fostering a safe and affirming campus climate for all students.

Diverse Hiring Practices

Building an organization that embraces DEI best practices takes intentional work. Stafforward makes a conscious effort to bring those values into every part of our organization. It starts with recruitment-making sure we're identifying talent (both internal and external) in a way that presents an equal opportunity to every qualified candidate.

Job Descriptions

We avoid using coding language that might discourage certain groups of candidates in job descriptions. We also limit our requirements to "must haves" so we get a diverse pool of applicants.


When reviewing resumes, we get rid of the information that doesn't apply to the job. A candidates name, age, and other demographic information doesn't impact their qualifications.


BCforward  knows talented people are everywhere. That's why we cast a wide net-recruiting from communities and institutions that are often overlooked. We focus on where you're going, not where you're from.


Keeping bias out of interviews starts with diverse interviewers. Our diverse management and recruiting staff focus on qualifications and make sure every candidate gets an equal opportunity.


We ensure that pay, compensation and benefits are equitable and rooted in data-not a candidate's pay history. That way we ensure bias early in their career doesn't hold them back in the future.